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Oliver Stone hugs Judyth Vary Baker (Lee Oswald’s girlfriend) in Dallas on 11.23.2019

Flanked by Ed Haslam (left) and Ed Tatro (right).



Join us in NOLA to celebrate Lee Oswald’s 80th Birthday

Oct. 18, 2019 would have been Lee Oswald’s 80th birthday, but as you know

Lee was murdered in the basement of the Dallas Police Department

before he could defend himself in a court of law.  I am one of those who believe

Lee was working as an undercover agent and that he penetrated the plot to assassinate JFK. 

He was set up and framed for JFK’s murder in order to protect the real plotters. 

Lee did not kill JFK, and he did not kill Officer Tippit.  So we celebrate Lee’s 80th birthday

to remember who he really was before his reputation was deliberately ruined

by those who framed him; he was a kid from NOLA who fed the ducks in City Park

and rolled down Monkey Hill in Audubon Park.  Then he served in the U.S. Marine Corp,

and went to Russia as an undercover agent for the CIA. 


He was a real hero who died because he tried to save JFK’s life. 


We are doing two events to celebrate Lee’s 80th birthday. 

Both are FREE and OPEN to the public.  Please join us!


 FRIDAY, Oct. 18, 7-9 p.m.

80th Birthday Party (at LHO's favorite bar) 

Le Bon Temps Roule

4801 Magazine Street

Authors Ed Haslam, Judyth Vary Baker and LHO history experts 

invite you to have cake and mark Lee Harvey Oswald's birthday.


SATURDAY, Oct. 19, 2 to 4 pm

Book Signing 

Barnes & Noble Metairie 

3721 Veterans Blvd. 

Metairie, LA 70002

with Authors Ed Haslam and Judyth Vary Baker

Discussing “LHO 80th Birthday and his place in History”


Books: Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Baker: Me & Lee, David Ferrie, Kennedy & LHO.



Celebrating Lee Oswald’s 80th Birthday on WWL radio

Here is my recent WWL radio interview with Don Dubuc about Lee’s 80th birthday.

No media outlet has been more supportive of me over the years than WWL radio. 

Thank you, Don, for all you have done.


/eth                  October 9, 2019            


Speech at public library nearest Delta Primate Center

Delta Regional Primate Center, the monkey lab which is operated by Tulane University,

is located in St. Tammany Parish (county), just north of Lake Pontchartrain,

outside of New Orleans.  It is discussed in more detail in DMM.

So the St. Tammany Parish Public Library serves the community where

most of the employees of the Delta Regional Primate Center live.

And when there is news about escaped monkeys or bizarre research at the lab,

these are the people who feel most uneasy about the news.


This presentation was made in 2011, but posted recently.  Much of the speech

is about the book ME & LEE which I edited and which had just been released.

The room was full (about 200 people) with standing room only.

It’s about two hours.


My thanks to Mimi and the staff at the library for making this available,

and my congratulations on the finely edited introduction.  Great work!!!

Episode 110: Dr. Mary's Monkey and the JFK assassination


/eth                  March 22, 2018             





Another important friend lost to time

On one level, this post has nothing to do with Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

But it has a lot to do with me and why we do things that we think

are important, like write a book like Dr. Mary’s Monkey.

The photo above is me standing with my friend Blake Whisenant

who died at the age of 88 on Feb. 14, 2018.  Mr. Blake,

as I called him was the inventor of “The Earth Box,”

a revolutionary method of growing food, which is why he is standing

there holding the bodacious basket of lettuce in the photo.

Mr. Blake received the Life Time Achievement Award from

The International Agricultural Association for his box which

is used around the world today.  A life-long tomato farmer,

he made farming easier, more efficient, and more productive

without expensive machinery or exotic methods, but

with logic and clear headed thinking... all in response to a simple

problem: too much rain which wiped out his tomato crop one year.

Mr. Blake thought the box was important and became obsessed

with developing it, which he eventually did and brought it to market.


I used to stop by and visit with Mr. Blake, who was always gracious

and welcoming.  I even designed a watering system for the Earth Box

which he put on display at his store, The Earth Box Research Center.

I hope that you will take a moment to check out Mr. Blake’s Earth Box

and ponder what it means for human sustainability and our ability to feed

ourselves.  My regards to all who knew him.  He was a great man, and a

good friend.  And he left the world a better place than he found it.


/eth                  March 11, 2018             




DMM translated into Traditional Chinese

DR. MARY’S MONKEY has been translated into Traditional Chinese and published in Taiwan.

It has all of the photos and graphics from the 2014 English edition, but a new cover.

I have a small supply and will be selling them in the USA for $20 from this website. 

If you are interested, send me an email at


/eth                  August 9, 2017             








RIP Jim Marrs 

December 5, 1943 – August 2, 2017

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that my friend and ally Jim Marrs has died.

He was sick this summer, on dialysis, and finally died of heart failure.

Jim was a intrepid journalist, a prolific author, and a wonderful writer.

His understanding of history, politics and power are legendary.

He was a loyal American, a proud Texan, and an enemy of tyranny and lies.

Beyond all of that, he was a warm and charming person with a sparkling sense of humor. 

He was 73 years old.


Jim worked with me on two books, DMM and ME & LEE, offering advice and

keeping me straight on the JFK assassination facts.  He wrote

the Foreword to DMM and the Afterword to ME & LEE, which I edited. 

We became good friends and did interviews, conferences and radio shows together.

I will miss him, his stories, and our long phone calls.  My condolences to his family.


Watch a tribute to Jim Marrs by Alex Jones on


/eth                  August 4, 2017             




Watch ETH presentation at 2016 Oswald Conference

An analysis of the LHO’s timeline in NOLA in 1963.  And “yes,” I have

comments on Ted Cruz’s father shown next to LHO in the photo below.


/eth                  August 4, 2017             



So why is the U.N.’s WHO demanding that all Polio Vaccines

around the world be burned or buried in the next two weeks?

Infowars’s David Knight analyzes the absurdity and deceit

involving the introduction of yet another polio vaccine

to replace yet another faulty polio vaccine that has been

in use for 14 years.  You just can’t make this stuff up.


/eth                  August 16, 2016




Special Report on DMM by Infowars’ Darrin McBreen

Infowars is more that just Alex Jones.  Alex has assembled a competent staff

of professional journalists who do a good job of analyzing and presenting news

that is rarely seen in the main stream media.  When I was in the Infowars studio

in Austin for an interview with Alex, Darrin did an in-depth interview with me

and produced this 20 minute segment that blends hi-lites from my Alex Jones

interview with his own thoughtful interview about the JFK assassination links

presented in DMM and ME & LEE.  Guest appearance by Jim Marrs.  If you want

to send a link to a friend to introduce them to this subject, this is a good one:


/eth                              July 10, 2016                 




Hear a professional physician speak about Polio and Vaccines

I am no fan of vaccines and, frankly, see the history of vaccines as evidence of fascist medicine.  But since I am not a doctor, I am hesitant to speak publically against vaccines, other than what I have said in DMM, which is plenty.  Instead, I prefer to leave the task of speaking against vaccines to those who are better informed, especially if they have creditials generally recognized by the main stream media as medical experts.  One of my favorites in this category is Suzanne Humphries, MD, an Internist and Nephrologist (kidney doctor), whose journey as a physician led her to her current critical position.  I encourage all those who are interested in the safety of vaccines, and the related political questions, to watch this excellent presentation.

The Polio Vaccine, a presentation by Suzanne Humphries, MD


/eth                              5/11/2016 1:05 PM       






“Lee called him Rafaolo,” said Judyth. 

            Lee Oswald            Rafaolo                                            Chauncey Holt

Press Release:

Author Judyth Vary Baker, who knew Lee Oswald in 1963, spoke out recently about the May 2rd National Enquirer article that claimed Rafael Cruz was linked to Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans shortly before the JFK assassination.

Rafael Cruz is the father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz who recently ran for President.

Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of assassinating President Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.  The National Enquirer article stirred controversy in the Republican Primary and across the Internet. 

Rafaolo (center) flanked by photos of

a younger Rafael Cruz and older Rafael Cruz.


This past week Judyth Vary Baker was interviewed by Kris Millegan, Publisher of TrineDay Press, about what she personally saw and heard on August 16, 1963, on the sidewalk in front of the International Trade Mart, where the famous photos were taken. 

“Lee called him Rafaolo,” said Judyth.  “I saw Rafaolo with Lee in front of the Trade Mart.  I was no more than 6 feet from him and saw him clearly, but I did not know his last name.  Lee only told me his name was ‘Rafaolo,’ and that he was there to watch Lee’s back in the event there was trouble.  The cover story was that Lee hired Rafaolo to help hand out FPCC flyers, but he was really there for Lee’s protection.  Lee also told me that both he and Rafaolo pretended to be pro-Castro to flush out Castro sympathizers for ex-FBI agent Guy Banister,” Judyth said.

Judyth previously detailed her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald in her 2010 autobiography “ME & LEE: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald.”  In it she explained that Lee and Judyth both worked at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans in 1963,   that Lee found an apartment for Judyth and helped her get her job at the coffee company.  They both started working at Reily on May 10th, and they rode the same bus to and from work together on a daily basis.  By August 16th, both had been fired from Reily, but continued to see each other and to work together on a secret anti-Castro project with several New Orleans doctors.  She has never spoken publically about Rafaolo before.

“The other time I saw Rafaolo” Judyth told Millegan, “was when Lee and I were walking through Lafayette Park near Banister’s office.  Lee spotted Rafaolo and said, ‘There goes Rafael the Archangel.’  That's when Lee told me that Rafaolo was one of the Cubans whose parents were still in Cuba, so Lee could not trust him because Castro might be able to pressure Rafaolo into spying by threatening his parents.”

TrineDay’s Millegan said “We were very familiar with that photo long before National Enquirer broke the Rafael Cruz article.  The photos are from the Warren Commission, and we had already used them in three books.  One of our authors, Chauncey Holt, was even in one of these photos and identified two of the other men in his book.  Holt said they were working with him as part of the CIA’s Operation Mongoose which armed anti-Castro Cuban groups.”

The photos in question were taken by WDSU-TV on August 16, 1963 and published by the U.S. Government in the Warren Report in 1964; therefore, they are in the public domain.  One or more of these photos were included in each of the following books published by TrineDay Press:

ME & LEE, by Judyth Vary Baker

DR. MARY’S MONKEY, by Edward T. Haslam



/eth                              5/11/2016 1:05 PM       




From on April 28, 2016: Sold in Kindle Store





Is my review of Gerald Posner’s CASE CLOSED helpful to you?

I just posted a review entitled Is Posner a liar?  “According to the medical records...”

Click the link above to read the review.  If you like the review, please click the button that says

“Yes” when they ask “Was this review helpful to you?”  Once enough people

vote it to be a helpful review, it will become listed as “the most helpful critical review,”

which will place it above all of the other reviews of this book.


/eth                              2/24/2016 2:50 PM       



Not ready for the crime scene photos? 

Or giving the book to someone who is not?

I have a limited number of copies of DMM 2007, the soft cover

which DOES NOT HAVE the crime scene photos in it.

If you want to buy one, first send me an email by clicking here,

and then order the soft cover book by clicking here.

I will then send you the edition of DMM WITHOUT the crime scene photos. 

Note: it also does not have the new 25 pages of research added in 2014 and 2015,

but it might make a nice gift for someone.


/ETH                           2/3/2016 2:49 PM         




Can Vitamin C cure polio?  Did it?  If so, what does it mean?

 Image result for polio

In the late 1940’s, at the height of the polio epidemic, Dr. Frederick Klenner, 

a doctor educated at Duke Medical School and living in a small town in North Carolina,

read some medical articles that suggested that large doses of Vitamin C

might be used to fight viral infections.  Since polio is caused by a virus,

it was unresponsive to anti-biotics introduced in 1942.  Klenner found the idea

that Vitamin C might stop the polio virus in its tracks to be attractive. 

After experimenting on himself, Klenner started giving Vitamin C intravenously

to his sickest patients, particularly children with polio.  In 1948, he published his

first paper on the use of large doses of Vitamin C in the treatment of diseases caused

by viruses, and in 1949, he presented his results to the American Medical Association. 

His results were astounding.  He claimed to have completely cured of 60 out of 60

of his patients with polio using Vitamin C injections.  His protocol used 350 to 700 mg

per kilogram of body weight over a course of several days.  He even cured a girl who had

been paralyzed for 4 days, and she eventually recovered the full use of her limbs.  Klenner

published 28 medical articles throughout his career.


Klenner’s research was ignored by the medical profession, and the well-financed search

for a polio vaccine continued.  Six years later, Salk’s polio vaccine was released, and

Dr. Ochsner’s grandson died from the polio virus in the vaccine.  If Klenner’s claims

were accurate, it means that the polio vaccine was not necessary, Ochsner’s grandson

did not need to die, and today’s cancer epidemic was avoidable.  Because of this,

I think there needs to be a fresh round of research into Klenner’s claims.  There is still

polio in the world.  There is still an opportunity to prove Klenner’s claims to be true or false.


Today, Klenner’s Vitamin C legacy is trumpeted by Dr. Thomas Levy (pronounced Levee)

and others.  Levy is a cardiologist who was associated with Tulane Medical School

in the 1980’s and who has conducted his own research, especially into Vitamin C. 

The basic facts of Klenner’s story can also be found on his Wikipedia page.


Klenner’s life ended tragically in 1984 at the age of 77.  He became involved in a bitter

family dispute and custody battle in which several family members were killed.  When

cornered by the police, he pulled a machine gun on the police, or so the story goes. 

Needless to say, there have been numerous attempts to discredit Dr. Klenner, but a number

of medical professionals think he was on to something.  Personally, I don’t think that the

tragedy that ended his life has any bearing on his medical accomplishments forty years earlier. 

If his protocol worked, we need to know about it, and it needs to be made available. 

If it does not, it should be easy to prove that it doesn’t.  That’s science.


/ETH                           11/30/2015 12:35 PM   



New video on Jim Garrison from John Barbour

Few have done more to bring Jim Garrison’s story forward than John Barbour,

Founder and Producer of the REAL PEOPLE and SPEAK UP, AMERICA television shows,

John did the only, honest in-depth interview with Jim Garrison about his

ill-fated investigation into the JFK assassination.  This new 2015 video

is posted on YouTube and is FREE to see.  In it, John details the crude

betrayal of Jim Garrison by an NBC executive who secreted edited Barbour’s

interview of Garrison to make a fool out of Garrison on-air... and more.

Watch it here.


/ETH                           11/30/2015 12:34 PM



Dates of the Clinton and Jackson incidents

Recently, a DMM reader contacted me to ask questions about the dates

of testing the bio-weapon at the East Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson, Louisiana. 

I have spoken about the Clinton-Jackson events so often that I forgot that the dates

are not detailed in DMM 2007, though they are on pages xxi and xxii of DMM 2014. 

The basics points of the timeline are:


Aug. 28, 1963 MLK’s “I have a dream speech” in DC.


Aug. 29, 1963 CORE (Congress On Racial Equality) holds black voter registration

drives across the South which it planned to follow up the momentum of the MLK speech.

CORE’s Baton Rouge chapter planned the event in Clinton for this date.


Aug. 29, 1963 Shaw drives Ferrie, Oswald and the bio-weapon to Jackson in a black cadillac.

They pick up a uniformed hospital employee in Jackson and drive down the road to Clinton

to wait for a phone call from Angola to indicate the prisoner has left the prison.

They are seen in Clinton by town marshall John Manchester who checks Shaw’s ID.

The phone call is late, so they wait.  To kill time, Oswald tries to register to vote.


Once they get their phone call, the four proceed to a rendezvous point in Jackson

to wait for the van from Angola to pass. When it does, they get in line behind the van

as it approaches the hospital and are waived into the grounds of the hospital

as if they were part of the convoy. After injecting the prisoner with the bio-weapon,

Shaw, Ferrie and Oswald returned to New Orleans.


Aug. 31, 1963.  11:00 am Oswald drives Judyth Vary Baker to the hospital in Jackson

where she does a blood test to see if the cancer has kicked in.  It has.

Oswald then goes to the barber shop in Jackson to ask some questions.  He then drives

to the home of La. State Rep. Reeves Morgan near Jackson.

Oswald was seen by Reeves Morgan and his daughter Mary who also remembers

seeing a woman in the front seat of Oswald’s car, a old green Kaiser.

Oswald drives Judy back to NOLA, arriving at 10:00 pm.


For a more complete explanation of these events read Judyth Vary Baker’s book

ME & LEE: How I came to know, love, and lose Lee Harvey Oswald.


/ETH                           10/7/2015 11:41 AM     




DMM is # 1 New Release in History of Medicine on

This is the 2015 paperback edition to be officially released on Monday, July 21, 2015.


/ETH                           7/19/2015 2:15 PM      



Oswald Conference set for Oct. 2015.  Register now!

I am pleased to announce Oswald’s Summer of Secrets, a live conference

to be held in New Orleans from Oct. 16th to 18th, 2015.  Information about

the conference can be found at:  It will be a professionally

produced gathering of some of the world’s leading JFK researchers and Oswald specialists,

including Jim Marrs, Roger Stone, Ed Tatro, Robert Groden, Judyth Vary Baker and others.


I will be making two presentations at the conference:


Oct. 17... Chauncey and Lee: The story of Chauncey Marvin Holt and his connections to Lee Harvey Oswald throughout 1963 and his role in the events in Dallas on Nov. 22.  Chauncey was an artist, forger, accountant, embezzler, pilot, body guard, and assassin who worked for both organized crime and the CIA’s Operation Mongoose.


Oct. 18... Mary, Ferrie, Vary, and Lee: A look at the roles that these four people (and others) played in an underground medical laboratory which developed a cancerous biological weapon in New Orleans in the Summer of 1963, an injectible weapon to be used for murder and assassination.


Unlike the 2014 event at the Jefferson Parish library, this is NOT a free event and registrations are required.  There are only 200 seats, and when they’re gone, they are gone.  So, if you (or someone you know) is interested in attending, you will want act sooner, rather than later.  I hope to see you there.


/eth                              7/1/2015 2:17 PM                     



PayPal buttons are now working.

Signed copies of the new soft cover are ready to ship


I fixed the PayPal problem.  The 2015 soft covers are ready to ship.

All soft cover orders will be assumed to be for the 2015 edition.


/ETH               6/27/2015 2:55 PM       




Image result for India

DMM now in India on

Immediate Kindle download. Read on any computer with

free Kindle reader downloaded from Amazon.

Paperback and hard cover editions are available as imports.

Prices are roughly comparable to, though in rupees.

DMM page contains all U.S. reviews and is updated automatically.

India has a population over one billion and a GDP over one trillion dollars,

and English the official national language spoken across all 26 states,

so I am quite happy about this development.  ME & LEE is also available.


/ETH               5/30/2015 11:06 AM     



Jim Marrs on Lee Oswald

Here is a 20 minute video extracted from a longer interview of Jim Marrs about Lee Oswald’s

movements on Nov. 22, 1963.  It clearly proves that Lee was in the 2nd floor lunch room at the time

President Kennedy was shot, that two “Oswalds” were arrested at the Texas Theater an hour later

(one in the balcony and one on the ground floor), and that parafin tests conducted by the Dallas Police

showed that Lee Oswald had not fired a rifle that day.  I consider Jim the world’s foremost authority

on the JFK assassination, and he is a  professional journalist who has been investigating the crime

since the day it happened.  His book CROSSFIRE: The Plot that Killed Kennedy is the classic text

on the JFK assassination, a NY Times Best Seller, and was credited by Oliver Stone as a source

of his JFK movie.  Jim also wrote the Foreword to DR. MARY’S MONKEY and the Afterword to

ME & LEE.  I hope that you will find this video helpful.


/ETH               5/28/2015 9:08 AM       



Lung cancer vaccine from Cuba comes to USA

In a move that is so ironic that there should be a special name for it, a vaccine for lung cancer

developed in Cuba is headed for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY for clinical trials. 

What’s ironic is that the Roswell Park facility is where Judyth Vary Baker was trained to handle

cancer-causing viruses in the Summer of 1961.  Judyth was later invited to New Orleans in the Spring

of 1963 to work on a biological weapon to kill Cuban President Fidel Castro by giving him cancer. 

Judyth’s story is detailed in her autobiography ME & LEE: How I came to know, love, and lose

Lee Harvey Oswald.  Here is a link to the article in Huffington Post about the Cuban cancer vaccine.


/ETH               5/14/2015 12:56 PM                 



Can the Polio Virus kill deadly Brain Cancer Tumors?

It has been known for over a century that the polio virus can destroy brain cells. 

In fact, that was the mechanism that caused the crippling and death associated with polio. 

About 25 years ago, when genetic engineering came of age, scientists asked the question:

Could the polio virus destroy the cells of a brain tumor without hurting the healthy cells? 

And so they began modifying the polio virus to target cancer cells and ignore healthy cells. 

I think it is one of the most interesting developments in medicine, but it is admittedly still

under development.  Today, the technique is being tested on humans at Duke Medical School,

and these tests were the subject of a 60 Minutes report at the end of March 2015. 

As they reported, some of the Duke patients lived, some died, and some are now cancer free.


If nothing else, the 60M report once again proved the power of the 60 Minutes microphone. 

Their story hit the media like a cue ball breaking a rack of billiard balls.  (Search “Glioblastoma”

in the News to get a list of articles.)  For example, one day later, Forbes magazine immediately

responded with Here's What '60 Minutes' Didn't Tell You About The 'Miracle' Glioblastoma Treatment.

And many other organizations with an iron in the cancer treatment fire followed suit.  Why? 

Would the 60 Minutes news cause people to question the recommendations of their doctors or

to delay chemotherapy?  And would doing so effect the profits of wealthy corporations which

provide competitive solutions?  And was, as some suggest, 60M marketing “false hope” to desperate

patients for their own ratings?  Personally, I think the 60M report was a good overview of the subject,

and they raised the awareness about this important development.  And they know the story is not over

yet and have said so.  But there are more details to this story than they could fit into a segment

of a television news magazine, and some of these calls for caution.  Here is the 60 Minutes segment:


/eth      3/31/2015 12:14 PM                 




What’s  up with the new DMM 2015 paperback edition?

In July 2015, Trine Day will release yet another edition of DMM. Why?  What’s new?

The short answer is that it is a paperback version of the DMM 2014 hard cover edition.

Other than that, and, of course, a cheaper price, it is the same as the 2014 edition,

which does contain 25 new pages and the crime scene photos, versus DMM 2007,

which is no longer in print, but can still be purchased on the Internet.


/eth      3/28/2015 12:05 PM                 



National media fans non-story at Tulane Primate Center

It’s been over a month since the local media in New Orleans reported

this incident at the Tulane Primate Center.  Now the national media,

like USA Today, is jumping on board.  As you probably know, I am not

a big fan of primate centers in general, and I do not think they belong

in suburban neighborhoods adjacent to schools and residential tracks.

I also have raised questions about security at the Tulane lab, since a

number of incidents involving escaped animals have been reported.

But I think that this story is being used to sell newspapers, and that

the public danger here is non-existent.  The USDA researcher who got

sick recently returned from trip to an unnamed Asian country where the

bacteria is native in the soil.  That was probably where she contracted it. 

But why was the country not named?  This bacteria has been associated

with Viet Nam since the 1960’s.  It was brought home to the U.S. by

thousands of soldiers, but that did not cause a public health crisis.

Then why so much attention to this non-story today?  Maybe because

they want you to know that you are “really safe after all.”  I also see it as

an overuse of the term “Bio-Terror.”  See my 2/8/2015 post below.


/eth      3/12/2015                      




Mary in high school.



Boatner Reily

W. Boatner Reily III dies at home in Jan. 2015 at 86.

Boatner, as he was called, was a major player in the New Orleans which I recount

in DMM.  He was a 1950’s ad man who rejoined his family business (Reily Coffee)

in 1963, when both Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald worked there. 

Boatner later became President of Reily Coffee, Chairman of the Tulane University

Board of Trustees, King of Rex, and a major player in the Louisiana Symphony. 


An athlete, father, and active civic citizen, he was a classy gentlemen from the depths

of historic New Orleans.  He will be missed by many.  A creation of his unique situation, and

a special time and place in history, he will be hard to replace.  Boatner once told me that he

wanted to reclaim the Reily Company’s employment records of Lee Harvey Oswald because

they were a piece of history.  I think he was right.  I hope you enjoy the article.


/eth                  2/18/2015                                  



Tulane Primate Center back in the news with sick researcher.

Media outlets in New Orleans reports that an investigator from the USDA was hospitalized

after contracting an Asian bacteria during a visit to the Tulane Primate Center in Covington,

Louisiana.  Here are articles from WVUE-TV and   The bacteria in question

became famous during the Viet Nam War and was known as the “Viet Nam Time Bomb”

due to its long incubation periods inside of soldiers returning from the Viet Nam war zone. 

More info is available at  The disease is currently treatable with anti-biotics,

though one monkey was put to death following its infection by the bacteria.


/eth                  2/8/2015                                    



Marquette University is firing Prof. John McAdams!  See my blog below.



/eth                  2/7/2015                                    


“The end of modern medicine...”

A bone-chilling interview with the UK’s Chief Medical Officer about the threat of antibiotics.

“Far more people are dying of microbial resistance than are dying of terrorism.”

“Millions are dying each year...” “Trillions of dollars...”  “It’s a complex, wicked, problem...”

We are looking at: “A post-antibiotic age.”  “This could kill us long before Global Warming does.”


/eth                  2/2/2015 5:03 PM                                 



Nice article about Lee Oswald working covertly for RFK

This article was written by Michael Thomas and published on Nov. 22, 2014. 

It explores an idea that I first heard about in 1964 - that Lee worked covertly for RFK.

I was told this gem by Mrs. Ellis, the teacher I wrote about at the end of DMM.

I wish Ms. E was still around to read it; she would enjoy it, as I hope that you do. 

I wrote about this idea at the conclusion of DMM, but this article goes into

more depth than I did.  I think the RFK-LHO connection is a real possibility

that has never been properly investigated.  It also helps us understand the

reluctance of the Kennedy family to speak up, why RFK opposed Jim Garrison,

why RFK’s personal calendar from 1963 is still missing to this day, and

why he was murdered.


/eth                  12/26/2014 12:01 PM               



DMM stirs in France in Dec. 2014

Last week sales of DMM on (France) suddenly jumped

from about 150,000 to inside of 5,000 amongst books in English. 

Click on the title of this post to see a PDF of the page.  At the top of their list was

# 1 in Microbiology and # 5 in Medical History.  I welcome these developments

because France is the home of the Pasteur Institute which discovered the earliest

verified case of AIDS in Haiti in the 1970’s and which figured out that it was caused

by a new virus that had never been seen before by medical science.


/eth                  12/26/2014 10:28 AM               



Judyth Vary Baker’s mouse saga began in this house.


1n 1959, this house belonged to Georgianna Watkins, head of the

local chapter of the American Cancer Society in Bradenton, FL.

When Judyth was in 9th grade, she helped Mrs. Watkins with her

ACS work and visited cancer patients with her in the hospital.

It was Mrs. Watkins who took Judyth to the opening of a new

cancer clinic in Florida and introduced her to Dr. Alton Ochsner, Sr.,

the former President of the American Cancer Society, President of

the Ochsner Clinic, and a well-known anti-smoking activist.

It was at this meeting that Dr. Ochsner first suggested to Judyth

that she start doing her cancer experiments on mice.  As a result,

Mrs. Watkins trained Judyth in the anatomy of mice, dissection,

and accurate record-keeping for laboratory procedures.

It was in this house that Judyth killed and dissected her first mouse.

At the time, Judyth lived two blocks away, on Manatee Ave, and

started attending nearby Manatee County High School (MaCoHi). By 1961,

when she graduated from high school, Judyth was giving

cancer to mice in 7 days, which was faster than NCI could do it.

I wrote about Judyth in DMM.  Her amazing story is chronicled

in greater detail in her book ME & LEE, in the opening chapters.


/eth                  11/7/2014 5:36 PM





Jurisdiction in Mary Sherman murder: FBI? Or NOPD?


The DMM 2014 contains a memo from J Edgar Hoover telling SAC-NO

(Special Agent-in-charge of the New Orleans FBI office) that no active FBI

investigation was to be conducted into the Mary Sherman murder.  Hoover

justifies this position on the ground of jurisdiction, calling Mary’s murder

a “local murder,” meaning that it was not in the FBI’s federal jurisdiction.

But this assumes that Mary died in her apartment where her body was finally

found.  But I don’t think this is true.  I think she died at the U.S. Public Health

Service Hospital where massive amounts of high-voltage electricity burned

off her right arm and rib cage.  This was federal property and would have

been within the FBI’s jurisdiction.  This raises the question: Was the real

reason for relocating Mary’s body back to her apartment to move the case

from federal to local jurisdiction, so that the NOPD would have to investigate

it, not the FBI?  I have to wonder if Hoover knew this when he wrote that memo.


/ETH                           10/12/2014 11:56 AM




LBJ appointed this panel to agree with J Edgar Hoover’s report.

The Warren Commission delivers its report to President Lyndon Johnson on September 24, 1964. (Credit: Francis Miller/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

This LBJ appointed panel agreed with J Edgar Hoover’s report.


The Warren Comission at 50: A Junta by any other name.

September 24, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Warren Report.

Coups d’état have been a common means of changing the leadership of governments around the world since antiquity.  They are generally sudden and usually from inside the existing political establishment, often by people close to the leadership which is being replaced.  In this sense, they are closer in structure to a mutiny aboard a ship, than a rebellion or a war between nations. 

The common goal of all coups d’état is to change the leadership of the government.  Sometimes violence (or the threat of violence) is used to accomplish the change.  Assassination and exile are common tools.  When the usurpers are successful, they usually appoint a committee of important people to “bless the coup” and to tell their country that things are “as they should be” and that everyone should “get back-to-work.”  This type of post-coup committee is commonly referred to as a Junta.  They need not be military, nor do they need to be part of the new government itself.  But their goal is always to legitimize the new government. 

I propose that the so-called Warren Commission be understood, not as an investigation in the murder of JFK, but as a Junta appointed to legitimize the LBJ Presidency in the minds of the American people.  Its task was simply to accept the report already prepared by J Edgar Hoover which concluded that President John Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald who acted alone, and not in a coup d’état organized by a group of individuals (aka a conspiracy).

With these thoughts in mind, I’d like to ask you to listen to this

phone call between LBJ and J Edgar Hoover about the JFK Assassination (  It was recorded on Nov. 29, 1963, one week after the JFK assassination.  It is clear that the LBJ’s real goal is to head off other investigations which he might not be able to control.  In his words, LBJ wants to “get by with only one report” on the assassination, that of his long-time friend and political ally J Edgar Hoover who had already concluded that Oswald was the lone assassin.  Hoover agreed.  Hoover said that he was almost finished his report and that he expected it to be wrapped up in a few days.  The only hold-up was Mexico City, meaning that he was already finished with Dallas. 

LBJ panel’s job was to accept J Edgar Hoover’s report on the assassination.  LBJ even made sure that Hoover agreed with who he considering for this panel.  The first name LBJ mentions is Allen Dulles, the former CIA Director who directed the Cold War and whom JFK fired over the failed Cuban invasion known as the Bay of Pigs.  Hoover agreed that Dulles would be a fine choice.  LBJ mentions putting Hale Boggs on the panel (far right in photo).  Boggs has already called LBJ and played a tape recording of Oswald saying that he was a Marxist.  This tape recording was made in New Orleans at WDSU radio and supplied to Boggs by Ed Butler of INCA.  Boggs’s District is where Oswald spent the summer working on a CIA-Mafia bio-weapon. 

LBJ’s panel was officially named “The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy,” which made it an organ of the Executive Branch, but its members came from all three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  This was clearly a violation of the Separation of Power.  Both Earl Warren and Senator Dick Russell tried to refuse to serve, but were forced to agree to serve by heavy handed demands from LBJ, who even released the names of the Commissioners before discussing their involvement with them (example, Senator Richard Russell).

The Commission was called the Warren Commission to take the spotlight off of the fact that it was approving a report prepared by J Edgar Hoover.  The Commission operated in secret and did not even permit an attorney to represent Oswald’s interests.  In my opinion, this Chimera was illegal, unconstitutional and un-American from beginning to end.


/ETH                           9/20/2014 1:41 PM       

Speech at Jefferson Parish Library on Jul. 21, 2014

A video of my speech at the Jefferson Parish Library is now on YouTube.

The speech commemorates the 50th anniversary of Mary Sherman’s murder.

300 people got in, but another 200 did not.  Now everyone can hear it.

Click here to watch the video.


/ETH               9/7/2014 11:26 AM       

Feb. 4, 2015, Marquette University begins the firing Prof. John McAdams.

Here is a link to the story on Fox News, including a copy of the 15 page letter

from Marquette to McAdams revoking his tenure as a Professor.

The pale translucent logic of Professor John McAdams


John McAdams, Ph.D. is a JFK lone-nut activist who runs a website defending the Warren Commission, the panel of politicians set up by LBJ to validate J Edgar Hoover’s hasty report on the JFK Assassination.  He also teaches poli-sci at Marquette University, a Jesuit run college in Wisconsin.  He is from a small town in Alabama.

McAdams has been publically attacking me, since 1995, when I first made a post on the Internet daring to mention the name Jim Garrison.  He has called me a “crackpot,” my book “bogus,” and my analysis of the Mary Sherman murder a “hallucination.”  As you can see, he likes to use aggressive and disparaging language. He even started a thread on alt.assassinations.jfk called “Haslam’s Nonsense,” and he has gone so far as to suggest that my college should revoke my degree.  To date, I have said very little about him publicly.

There are literally hundreds of posts on his lunatic news groups in which McAdams claims that Judy Vary Baker read my 1995 book MARY, FERRIE & THE MONKEY VIRUS and re-wrote her life story (ME & LEE) based on it.  By the way, the people who initially told Judyth about my book, know that McAdams’ claim is wrong and have said so.  So have I.  He simply wants to discredit her because her iconoclastic story changes the whole paradigm which frames his world and invalidates his position.

McAdams attacks against Judyth can only be described as crass, long on insult and accusation and short on facts or analysis.  Bottom line, he says neither Judyth’s story, nor mine, can be true because they are “implausible” to him, as if he were the sole judge of the possible.  It seems that they are simply outside his rather small tight box.

In 2011 McAdams came out with a book entitled JFK Assassination Logic: How to Think about Claims of Conspiracy.  The title amused me because I doubt McAdams has ever even seriously considered any claim of conspiracy, so how could he write a book telling people how to think about them.  Maybe it should have been subtitled: How Not to Think about Claims of Conspiracy.  I ordered the book because I was told he mentioned me in it.  Here is how the Amazon readers rate it in 2014, three years after publication:

As you can see, McAdams has a few followers, but considerably more critics. And compare his scant 3 Five-star Reviews to Judyth’s 200 Five-star Reviews.  I also noticed that none of his Editorial Reviews were signed or sourced.  Did he write them himself?

If I were to submit a review to, I would give his book 3 stars.  One for Dr. McAdams himself, and one each for his two students who cobbled this catastrophe together for him.  The book is based on a collection of old emails from his website and fanatical news groups.  Essentially, it is a handbook of  pop psychology terms that he invented hoping to discredit anyone he disagrees with.  He dismisses all 1,000 pages of new information in my book and Judyth’s book with a sentence or two calling them “False corroboration.” Of course, he does not give any evidence to support his accusation or to explain why he calls them “False Corroboration” instead of “True Corroboration.”  Having edited Judyth’s book, I know that McAdams is wrong: The corroboration is real.  He reminds me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz when the Wizard is shouting “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”  He is trying to tell everyone  “Don’t look at this” because he knows that you might find something important, and he does not want you to see it, because it proves him wrong.

To my eyes, McAdams’ books reads like a shop manual, and it has failed miserably in the marketplace.  I keep an eye on its sales on Amazon and have watched it tumble below 1,000,000 in sales rank repeatedly.  Here is its sales rank amongst all books o n August 23, 2014:  # 1,242,051.

Despite such dismal sales, version on September 1, 2014 Potomac Books released a paperback edition of Mc Adam’s masterpiece.  Where is the demand to justify the cost of releasing a paperback edition?  Odd, indeed.  I wonder “Why?” 

Did I mention that Potomac Books Inc. also publishes the CIA Fact Book?


/eth                              9/6/2014 11:29 AM                   

Update on McAdams’s book sales rank:  Hard cover: # 1,180,546, Paperback: # 2,576,180.


/eth                              2/2/2015 4:36 PM                     

Jim Garrison ally Joe Rault died in 2014, at 87


Joseph M. Rault, Jr. (left) shown here with New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison in 1966.  U.S. Senator Russell Long asked Rault to form an organization

to secretly finance Jim Garrison’s investigation into the JFK assassination.  The group became known as “Truth and Consequences.”  Rault was an oil man, a real estate developer, and back-room politician.  He built the 17-story Rault Center and started the Lamplighter Club on its top three floors.  As I mentioned in DMM, this building was fire-bombed in 1972, and the incident became the basis for the disaster film “Towering Inferno.”  I worked in the Rault Center as an “office boy” in Joe Rault’s office during the summer of 1968.  He was fun to be around because he was always doing something exciting, like throwing parties for the New Orleans Saints, or opening a new subdivision, or riding in a parade.  Elected politicians like Congressman Hale Boggs and U.S. Senator Russell Long were often around, since he was Chair of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Louisiana, when it was the only real political party in Louisiana.  He was very good to me and took me to Washington, D.C. with his family for the Krewe of Louisianians (aka Washington Mardi Gras Ball which he ran) to meet people.  I last saw him in 1999, when his ex-wife Claire died. 

After Katrina, Rault became a benefactor of the Ochsner Health Foundation and a member of their Board.  He died of cancer in 2014.  I found it odd that there was no mention of his role in the Jim Garrison investigation in any of the articles at the time of his death.  It was hardly a secret, since a photo of Rault, Garrison, and Long was on the cover of New Orleans Magazine in 1968 due to the JFK investigation.

In 2009, I sent Rault a copy of DR. MARY’S MONKEY for him to read , but we never discussed it.  According to his family, he was plagued with eye problems in the last years of his life and had his secretary read it to him. 


/ETH                           8/25/2014 10:17 AM     

LBJ at JFK’s grave on July 21, 1964, the day of Mary Sherman’s murder



This article is from the Gettysburg Times

on July 22, 1964, the next day.  The story also

appeared in the New Orleans newspapers,

where I found it originally.  While this article

does say that LBJ’s decision to visit JFK’s grave

was a “spur-of-the-moment decision,” it does

not mention that his sudden trip to the

Pentagon was also unscheduled.  Once the

Pentagon heard LBJ was on his way to see

them, they scramble and put together a ceremony

as a plausible explanation for his trip, as a

means of cutting off rumors as to the real purpose.


From my perspective, I think LBJ was informed

about the Mary Sherman murder and the need to

keep the lid on it because of Oswald and the bio-weapon project, which they had not

previously told him about.  My guess is that LBJ went to the Pentagon and ordered

the military to remove the linear particle accelerator from the U.S. Public Health

Service Hospital in New Orleans, to clean up the Infectious Disease Laboratory,

and to put everything in Ft. Dietrich where it belonged.  Remember the machine guns

that mentioned in DMM on pages 251 to 255?  See how neatly this fits into the timeline? 

So it looks to me like LBJ and J Edgar Hoover knew about Mary’s murder within hours. 

Now you can see the level of political muscle that was mobilized to keep the real story

under wraps.

“Johnson Makes Surprise Visit to Kennedy’s Grave,”

Frank Cormier, Washington Correspondent for AP,

AP wire service, published in the Times Picayune, New Orleans, 7/22/1964.


/ETH               8/22/2014 9:53 AM       

New Interview on the Pacific Radio Network


Here is an interview that I did recently on KPFA, a non-commercial radio station in Berkley, California.  A terrific host.  I hope you enjoy it.

Guns and Butter - Hour 1

Guns and Butter - Hour 2


ETH                8/17/2014 10:55 AM     

Meet the legendary Edward R. Murrow

and find out why he is legendary...


Is there anyone in the media today who is this articulate and insightful?

Watch and listen as he analyzes Senator Joe McCarthy’s Communist Witch Hunt.

In the 1950’s, Murrow did a famous interview with polio vaccine developer Jonas Salk.  Salk’s PR people took full advantage of a one-liner from the interview in which Salk said “Could you patent the Sun?  Salk did not mention that lawyers from the March of Dimes had already looked into patenting his vaccine, but concluded that there was too much prior art for the patent to hold.  So Salk made it look like a noble gesture for the public good. 

But to my ears, the real keeper line from that interview was when Murrow said “All I know about your vaccine is that it starts off in a monkey’s kidney and winds up in a child’s arm, and your telling us it is safe.”

(Wording approximate, since I can no longer find the interview on YouTube.) 

If you find it somewhere, please send me a link.


/ETH               8/14/2014 11:56:51 AM

Times-Picayune finally admits forensic facts... 50 years later.


In the two weeks of newspaper coverage following Mary Sherman’s murder which began on July 21, 1964, there was no mention that her right arm and rib cage were missing.  And this omission was not limited to New Orleans; the AP sent the sanitized story around the country where it appeared in dozens of newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal.  Still there was no mention of the key forensic facts in the case, only the focus of a crazed intruder who had stabbed her to death and set her body on fire for some unexplained reason. 

On Sunday, July 20, 2014, the Times-Picayune ran a front-page article to recognize the 50th anniversary of Mary Sherman’s unsolved murder.  The above-the-fold headline read: “Who killed Dr. Mary?” 

On page A-14, the story continued with the headline: “Right arm and part of torso missing; woman’s body was burned on right side.” 

Well, it’s a start, albeit a slow one.


/ETH               12/7/2019 4:01 PM                   





Ex-NOPD Homicide Chief crashes Mary’s 50th


On July 21, 2014, I spoke to a capacity crowd at the Jefferson Parish Public Library; see below.  Thirty minutes into the talk an old man, wearing all black and walking with a cane, shuffled through the thick crowd and came down to the podium.  His black baseball cap bore the official NOPD insignia.  He said “I would like to say a few words on behalf of the New Orleans Police Department.”  I handed him the microphone and listened.

He introduced himself as Pascal Saladino, a career police officer who spent many years as a homicide detective, rising to the position of Chief of Homicide Detectives before he retired.  He said that in 1980, he was asked by Dr. Monroe Samuels to solve the case.  Dr. Samuels was the pathologist from the Coroner’s office who performed the autopsy on Mary Sherman.  To be clear, let me say that Saladino was not part of the 1964 investigation and his name was not in any of the documents that I used in Dr. Mary’s Monkey.  The Detectives at the time of the murder were Robert Townsend and Frank Hayward and their Chief was Larry Cassanova. 

Saladino said he was working with a cold case file 16 years after the murder.  He proceeded with the assumption that Mary was killed by an intruder who slashed her to death.  He peppered his comments with strange expressions like I was working with “hearsay” while he was working with “a lack of evidence.” 

Then he proceeded to misrepresent the basic facts of the case by saying that Mary had been stabbed 32-37 times, rather than the 7-8 times stated in the Autopsy Protocol and in the J Edgar Hoover memo.  At times he rambled and even said some of the evidence supported my “electrical theory,” which he obviously did not agree with.  He then said that Frank Hayward was dead by 1980, which I found odd because I spoke to him in 2005 when he called my house.  I also knew other retired NOPD officers who knew Hayward at that time and confirmed to me that he was alive.

                                                                                                                                                           But the biggest surprise was that he said they had found Mary’s car in a “predominantly black neighborhood,” indicating the assailant might have been black.  Huh?  Mary’s car was found 2600 block of Chestnut Street (left), in the heart of the Garden District about two blocks from Commander’s Palace and even closer to multi-million dollar mansions.  This is one of the wealthiest and most exclusively white neighborhoods in the city.  If anything, the location of the car points to someone with connections in the Garden District.  Journalist Don Lee Keith pointed out to me that the location of Mary’s abandoned car was about two blocks from Dr. Ochsner’s daughter’s house, and he suspected that Dr. Ochsner had driven the car there.  Here is a house in the 2600 block of Coliseum St., one block away from the 2600 block of Chestnut St.


Saladino then said that he had so much evidence that his handicapped son had to carry it for him, gesturing to a manila envelope between ½” and ¾” thick stuffed with documents.   Then he oddly described my speech as “a seminal get-together where we try to learn as much as we can.”  What he meant by that, I do not know.  He closed by saying the case was “too old and gray,” and “Police Department did the best they could...”  He handed me back the microphone after 5 ½ minutes.  I thanked him, the audience applauded respectfully, and then Saladino left the room.  I returned to talking about the Autopsy Protocol and the detail of the stab wounds described therein.


/ETH                           7/23/2014                      



Watch a video about Mary’s Faux Funeral on her 50th - Jul. 21, 2014


/eth                  7/23/2014 11:22 AM                 



Mary’s 50th draws Capacity+ Crowd at Jefferson Parish Library


The speech at the Jefferson Parish Library honoring Mary Sherman, MD

on the 50th anniversary of her death (Jul. 21, 2014) was a sight to behold. 

“We’ve never experienced anything like this,” said the library’s Event Coordinator.

It was the largest crowd for an author event in the library’s history.  The crowd was

estimated at 500 people, but only 300 got into the room, which was actually designed

to hold 240.  It’s a good thing the Fire Marshall did not show up.  When the doors

were closed, another 200 people, some of whom had come from out-of-town, were

left standing in the hall, while others could not even get into the building. 

I am sorry that everyone was not able to get in.  Next time! 

Here’s a photo from the event:

Notice the sound booth which is in the center of the room.  This picture shows only half the crowd. 

Also notice the people who are standing, since all of the chairs were taken.  Standing room only!


/eth                  7/23/2014 11:07 AM                 




Small Pox is Big Risk. 

Last known deaths of world’s biggest killer were medical researchers.


The discovery of vials of Small Pox in a closet at an FDA facility in Bethesda, Maryland, USA on July 1, 2014 raises serious questions about the control and accountability of science.  Who is in charge?  It’s not WHO.

Small Pox was a horrible disfiguring disease that killed 80-90% of its victims, mostly children.  It plagued on our planet for centuries and is perhaps the most deadly virus known to medicine.  500,000,000 people died from Small Pox in the 20th Century alone; that’s twice the number killed by all wars combined. 

Over the centuries, the number runs into the billions.  But the development of a safe vaccine based on Cow Pox, a similar disease in cattle, and unprecedented international cooperation, finally vanquished this disease in the 1970’s.  A great day on the planet!

The last naturally occurring case was in 1975, a 2-year old girl in Bangladesh.  But after that, in 1978, there were two deaths in the UK, amongst scientists who continued to do research on the virus.  (One death was caused by the virus; the other the suicide of scientist in charge of the research.)

Since the U.N.’s official announcement of the eradication of Small Pox in 1980, there has been a drive to destroy all known stocks held in laboratories around the world.  Only Russia and the U.S. resisted, a remnant of the paranoia of the Cold War.  Until this most recent discovery, it was my understanding that all stocks had been destroyed by 2000.

The 2014 discovery of vials of Small Pox in a storage closet at an FDA facility in Bethesda obviates the real problem - compliance by the scientific community.  Scientists don’t always do what they are told: some suffer from hubris and think that they have higher orders to ignore directives from the unscientific public, while others are just busy thinking about other things and don’t take the time to check the storage closets.

But what did they do once they realized that they were holding vials of the dreaded Small Pox?  Instead of destroying the vials safely and immediately in Bethesda (or in nearby Fort Detrick), they decided to play with them and see if the virus inside was still viable.  Why?  If it is viable, it needs to be destroyed.  If it is not viable, it needs to be destroyed.  So why run the risk?  Destroy it ASAP.

But the scientists could not resist the temptation to practice their craft.  So they put the vials on an airplane and flew it from the FDA in Bethesda to the CDC in Atlanta, assuming there was no risk of an accident in route.  Fortunately, the plane did not crash.  Now they are running tests on the virus for the next several weeks.  Then they will destroy the vials and virus.  Or so they say.

There are few diseases that I know of that illustrate the obvious contradiction: The history of Small Pox juxtaposes the triumph of public health policy, global cooperation between nations, and medicine on one hand, against  the wickedness of biological weapons, the folly of man, and the inability of the public to control of the scientific community on the other.  It is all reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” in which a scientist playing with his Ice-9 inventions endangers all life on the entire planet; but this is not a entertaining novel.  It is deadly serious.  And if they miscalculate, we pay a horrible price.

And then, there is always “the unexpected wild card.”  Like in 2004, when someone in Santa Fe, New Mexico opened a old medical book from the 1860’s and found an envelope tucked inside containing scabs from a Small Pox victim during the Civil War. My advise is to destroy any and all Small Pox artifacts quickly and safely ASAP.  And let it be our history, not fodder for the scientific grant mill.  It’s not worth the risk.  Read the media’s follow-up to this story.


/eth                  7/11/2014 8:15 AM                   


Small Pox virus found in storage closet is viable.

Two CDC labs closed for mishandling dangerous pathogens

Bird flu accidently mixed with common flu, shipped from CDC to FDA


/eth                  7/13/2014 11:47 AM                 



Lee Oswald knew Harry Lee, Sheriff of Jefferson Parish


Harry Lee was born in the back room of a Chinese laundry in New Orleans

in 1932, seven years before Lee Oswald’s birth in that same city.  

After a graduating from LSU and a stint in the Air Force, Harry Lee returned

to New Orleans in 1959, just as Lee Oswald headed for the Soviet Union.


The industrious Harry worked in his families businesses and at several

other part-time jobs, while attending law school at Loyola.  One such job was

handling luggage at a nearby bus station, where Lee Oswald’s friend David Lewis

worked.  When Lee returned to New Orleans, he got to know Harry Lee

through David Lewis, who also worked for Guy Banister.


In May 1963, when Lee Oswald and Judyth Vary Baker had just gotten their jobs

at the Reily Coffee Company, they went out to dinner to celebrate, at the

House of Lee, Harry’s family’s restaurant.  Harry not only recognized Lee,

but treated him and Judy like VIP’s and refused to let them pay for their meal. 

(See p. 258, in ME & LEE.)


The House of Lee restaurant is also where Harry Lee got to know Hale Boggs.

During law school, Harry started volunteering at Congressman Hale Boggs

District office.  Congressman Boggs was the Majority Whip in the House,

a close associate of LBJ, and a member of the Warren Commission.

For six years, Harry Lee drove Hale Boggs around New Orleans. 

Boggs became Harry Lee’s mentor.


In 1971, Boggs helped Harry Lee get appointed the first magistrate for the

U.S. District Court in New Orleans.  In 1972, Harry was invited to join the

congressional delegation to the People's Republic of China, led by House

Majority Leader Hale Boggs, and House Minority Leader Gerald Ford, later

U.S. President.  Both Boggs and Ford were members of the Warren Commission. 


Now, this is interesting: This means one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s friends

was on tour of China with two members of the Warren Commission.  One has to

wonder if anything was said.  Several months later, on October 16, 1972 Hale Boggs

died in a mysterious plane crash in the Gulf of Alaska.  The plane’s

wreckage was never found, despite an extensive search. 


In 1979 Harry Lee was elected Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, outside New Orleans,

and served in that position for 28 years.  He died in 2007 of leukemia.



/ETH               7/8/2014 8:53 AM                     



Harry Lee’s sister China Lee, Playmate of the Month, August 1964


Monthly magazines appear on the self the month before their cover date to extend

their shelf-life.  So August issue of Playboy was on the shelf  in July 1964 when

Mary Sherman died.  Inside was Playmate of the Month China Lee, Harry Lee’s sister. 

The Lee family was so outraged by China’s willingness to be photographed nude

that they banished her from the family, and even held a funeral for her so that all

would know that she was no longer a member of their family; or so the story goes.

China went on to marry comedian Mort Sahl and worked as an actress in several movies.


Playboy Magazine [United States] (August 1964)






/ETH               7/8/2014 8:55 AM                     



Some help for some Canadians ordering DMM books


It is no secret that I do not ship books to Canada.  It’s U.S. only.

The problem is that the paperwork and process is so tedious that it is

not worth the effort.  I wish they would get rid of such silly rules and

treat U.S. and Canada the same, but they haven’t.  I have noticed, however,

that some Canadians have their books shipped to an address in Niagara Falls,

just across the border where they can pick it up in person.  This works well

for the Ontario crowd, but does not really help those outside of Ontario. 

If it helps you, their website is:  Tel: 716-298-1822


/eth                  7/7/2014 4:24 PM         



Oliver Stone will direct film based on Edward Snowden


Not one to walk away from controversy, film-maker Oliver Stone

has announced that he will be making a dramatic film based on NSA

whistle-blower Edward Snowden.  Stone’s 1991 film JFK remains a

classic that was so powerful, it prompted Congress to enact The JFK

Records Act.  Always criticized by the establishment press for playing

loose with the facts, Stone says this film will be a “fictionalized”

account of Snowden’s story, based on a book by Snowden’s Russian lawyer.


/eth                  7/5/2014 1:30 PM                     



Conspiracy tours available in New Orleans


Would you like to walk in the footsteps of Jim Garrison, Lee Harvey Oswald,

Guy Banister, Clay Shaw, Judyth Vary Baker and Dr. Mary Sherman?  And

stand upon the infamous 544 Camp Street and stroll through Lafayette Square Park?

Now, you can.  Here are several ways of doing just that.  There are two professional

tour companies offer “conspiracy tours” for individuals and groups.  They are:


Strange True Tours with Jeffery Holmes


NOLA Native Tours with Kevin Kolb


Thirdly, I prepared a list of places, grouped by part of town, if you want to do your

own self-guided tour. Click here for a PDF of my self-guided DMM tour.


/eth                  7/3/2014 8:28 AM                     



How did “they” sabotage the Garrison Investigation?


The best thing I have heard on this is an interview with Bill Davy. 

Bill is an expert on the New Orleans angle of the JFK assassination,

particularly Jim Garrison and his prosecution of Clay Shaw.  His book

LET JUSTICE BE DONE: New light on the Jim Garrison Investigation

focuses on documents released by the JFK Records Act and clearly

proves that Shaw drove Lee Oswald and David Ferrie to Clinton, LA.

He also explains the connections between the media reporters

and the intelligence agencies and explains how those connections

were used to smear Jim Garrison.  Solid document-based research.


/eth                  7/2/2014 9:26 AM                     



The CIA’s “Family Jewel #1” 100% redacted after 50 years


The CIA document called the “Family Jewels” was an internal memo from the CIA’s

security chief to the Director and Deputy Director about things that the CIA did,

that they should not have done.  It covered a period of time from March 1958 to

July 1, 1964.  So Tuesday, July 1, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Jewels

themselves.  Yet 100% of Family Jewel # 1 is still redacted to this day. 

That’s all 3 pages of text and the summary.  Why?  The CIA obviously did something

back then that they are not willing to tell the public to this day.  What was it?

Whatever it was took three pages to explain, and all three are 100% redacted.

And it just happened to match the time frame of DR. MARY’S MONKEY.

The other seven jewels have been reveal, and are only slight redacted.

A copy of the summary of this document is in DMM 2014, with comments.


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DMM 2014 is # 10 in Hot New Releases in History of Medicine


What shelf in the bookstore would you put Dr. Mary’s Monkey on? 

The Amazon cross-purchase sales ranks are interesting to me because

they show what other types of books DMM readers have bought recently. 

In the UK, DMM ranks as a vaccine book.  In Canada, it ranks in Microbiology. 

In the U.S., it ranks in Criminology, though the Kindle edition includes

History of Medicine and Media Studies.  I was pleased to see that Amazon

ranked DMM 2014 #10 on their list of “Hot New Releases” in the

History of Medicine.  This is a shelf that I like to be on.


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New Orleans gets new Coroner: Jeffrey Rouse, M.D.


For the past 40 years the Coroner of Orleans Parish has been Frank Minyard,

a close political ally of District Attorney Harry Connick and an associate at

the morgue of Dr. Monroe Samuels, the pathologist who performed

Mary Sherman’s autopsy.  Minyard never found anything suspicious

about a mattress fire burning off Dr. Sherman’s arm and rib cage. 

He also claimed that her crime scene photos were lost in Katrina. 

In the Spring of 2014 Minyard retired at the age of 82 to a horse farm

north of Lake Pontchartrain, leaving his political office up for grabs. 

An election was held and the winner was Jeffrey Rouse, MD, 39,

who was considered “new” on the New Orleans political landscape. 

Rouse is a psychiatrist by training and worked as a consultant in the

Coroner’s office.  He lives uptown near the old U.S. Public Health Service

Hospital and is a graduate of Jesuit High School, as I am.  I hope that he will

bring a much-needed, fresh perspective to the Coroner’s Office.


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2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa worst in its history


Ebola is a human disease caused by a virus spread by monkeys and fruit bats. 

This week a CNN article warned us about the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Ebola is considered a hemorrhagic fever because the body bleeds to death. 

The symptoms are terrible, and it is 90% fatal.  The 1995 movie Outbreak

was based on a fictional mutation of a hemorrhagic fever virus. Officially,

Ebola discovered in 1976, which catches my attention because when

I asked my father about the monkey viruses from Africa, he said the worst

one he knew of was “Ebola Valley Fever.”  My father died in 1972,

so it is clear to me that medical researchers at Tulane Medical School

knew about Ebola “before it was discovered.” 600 have died from it in 2014. ========================================================

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Author-signed copies of DMM 2014 hard cover ready to ship


I have received my first shipment of the updated 2014 edition of DMM

and am ready to ship author-signed copies.  It’s hard cover and has the same

cover art as the soft cover integrated into the hard cover, not a wrap around cover.

There are 25 pages of new material including new documents from the FBI, CIA,

CDC, and NOPD, plus the never-before-published crime scene photos.


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Was Oswald’s name in Mary Sherman’s address book?


This is one of the questions addressed in the Afterword to the new 2014 edition

of DMM.  It shows the memo from FBI Director J Edgar Hoover with the

redacted name in it.  That same memo told SAC New Orleans that

“no active investigation is to be conducted” into the Mary Sherman murder.


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Radio Interview in New Orleans on Fri., Jul. 18, at 10:10 am


I will be live on WWL radio on Garland Robinette’s Think-Tank Show.

Don Dubuc will be sitting in for Garland and will be the on-air host.

Updated hard cover edition of Dr. Mary’s Monkey will be the focus.

25 pages of new material, including documents from FBI, CIA, CDC, and NOPD.

Also, the crime scene photos are in the updated edition.

WWL radio is awesome!  This is my 5th time on their station.


/eth                  6/25/2014 2:06 PM                   



Speech in New Orleans on Jul. 21, 2014 at 7:00 pm


I will be speaking in person to launch the new hard cover edition of DMM 2014.


Jefferson Parish Library

4747 West Napoleon

Metairie, LA  


Admission is free.  Books with be sold and signed.  Come join us.


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Doctor’s comment about Mary’s crime scene photos


I was having lunch yesterday with a doctor with decades of medical experience.

I showed him the crime scene photos of Mary Sherman’s murder.

He looked at them in silence for about 10 seconds, and then said,

“Someone did her a great big favor by stabbing her in the heart.”


/eth                  6/25/2014 1:19 PM                   



50th Anniversary of Mary Sherman’s death on Jul. 21


Jul. 21, 2014 will be the 50th anniversary of Dr. Mary Sherman’s murder.
I’m coming to New Orleans to help commemorate the event.

Will post details when they are available.


/eth                  6/25/2014 12:51 PM                 


Ochsner: Is it Osh-ner?  Or Ox-ner?


I hear people get rather testy about “the correct pronunciation” of the name Ochsner. Is it Osh-ner?  Or Ox-ner?  Their New Orleans credentials seem to be at stake.  I grew up in New Orleans and over the years heard it pronounced both ways, depending on what part of town you were in.  In my home, with my Mid-Western father and my New England mother, we said Osh-ner.  And my father worked at Tulane Medical School where both men were surgeons.  I also observed that many of those who said Ox-ner, frequently had a famous New Orleans accent which had it’s roots in German, known locally as a “Yat” accent, from the greeting “Where y’at?”  So I heard it both ways growing up and wondered if the Ox-ner version was a function of the local accent rather than the name itself.  Around 1980 I had lunch with a member of the Ochsner family and asked her about the pronunciation of her family name.  She said that her family considered both to be correct, but she acknowledged that her grandfather, Dr. Ochsner, Sr. preferred the Ox-ner version, because it was closer to the original German, which was actually Swiss German.  But it’s a rule of life that it’s hard to control what people say about you or how they say it, particularly in a multi-cultural crucible like New Orleans, which is full of names imported from other languages and then Americanized.  As far as I am concerned, both pronunciations are correct.  I still say Osh-ner out of habit, because that is the way I learned it as a child in New Orleans. 


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In Memory of Mary Sherman, M.D.

1913 – 1964 (murdered Jul. 21)






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