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"Lee Harvey was a friend of mine" by Homer Henderson
This song was written and performed by Phil Bennison, whose stage name is Homer Henderson.  The song is written from the perspective of one of the many children that Lee used to play with.  While the song itself is fictional, the basic fact is true: Lee loved kids and was a popular character in the neighborhood.  Nigel Turner documented this aspect of Lee by interviewing Lee's neighbors in the TMWKK series.
I Led Three Lives - Lee Oswald's favorite TV show as a teenager.
This TV show inspired Lee to become a spy and to pretend to be a Communist.
"Let it be me" by the Everly Brothers.
This was the special song between Judy and Lee.  I hope you enjoy it.
Was Judyth's father really a rocket scientist for the U.S. Government?
No, she never said he was.  But he was recruited to be one.  Here is the story.
The Sound of Silence
If you have made it this far, you will want to reflect on this timeless classic written in 1964
 about the JFK assassination by Paul Simon.  In the final analysis, this is all about "silence."
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