Quotes from Readers of ME & LEE by Judyth Vary Baker

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This almost unimaginable achievement… brings light to an American tragedy…

beyond the usual domain of crafted words a rare, almost unexampled, accomplishment…

an unadorned telling of the truth… Everyone who loves America, and longs to see it again free,

owes Judyth Baker great thanks…


Stephen Zubko

West Grove, PA

February 9, 2011



Couldn’t put it down. Happy, frustrating, angry, and ultimately heartbreaking.

I’ve read it two times, and have passed it on to my best friend.



January 30, 2011



Wow, Sensational Book!  This is one book I did not want to end.  

Her story flows and is easy to follow. I felt as though I was reading her diary.

By the end of the book your heart breaks for Judyth and you have a whole

new perspective of who Lee Harvey Oswald was. I highly recommend this book!



January 29, 2011



It is impossible to resist this fascinating puzzle…

"Me and Lee" is a mix of spy adventure and bio-warfare worthy of Michael Crighton…

Her story would be fascinating even without such a well known co-star as Lee Oswald.

Rads with first person narrative intensity that begs to be made into a movie.


Robert Shuler

Friendswood, TX

January 28, 2011



Judyth's book is compelling, fascinating in its detail, and very moving.


Howard Schumann

Vancouver, B.C.

Jan. 23, 2011



A fascinating, eye-opening, heartbreaking read!

From the Foreword to the heart-breaking conclusion of her story,

it is a bona-fide page turner and worth the time to read. Buy this book

as a gift for friends, demand your library keep a copy or two for circulation.

This story must be told! God Bless Mrs. Vary-Baker, Mr. Oswald, and

may the truth set everyone free!


S. Simonetti

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada

January 18, 2011



Amazing level of detail . . . and absolutely essential

This is no dime-store novel, folks, but a work of courageous non-fiction.

Hundreds of photographs and footnotes, including a rare letter from Guy Banister.

Pay stubs, maps, photocopies of letters, it just goes on and on. And all giving a glimpse

of Lee Harvey Oswald at an extremely important time and place. If you are interested

in Kennedy Assassination history, this is a must-read. You'll be amazed, I guarantee.

And yes, I'm absolutely convinced.


Barry Krusch

January 17, 2011



Explosive, Undeniable Truth,

Wonderfully written autobiography that develops perfectly into the real truth of the JFK assassination.

Indeed poignant, heart braking, but triumphant. Miss Judyth is a heroine of our time.

And her book is easily readable, well written and hard to put down.

You must read this book !!!!! Worthy of a Pulitzer or Nobel prize.



January 12, 2011



One amazing book

For those who think they know the whole story of JFK's assassination, think again.

Very well written and undeniable. Judyth Vary Baker explains so many things

the Warren commission and HSCA knew happened but could not explain.

Do not miss this book. It is dynamite.



January 9, 2011



The end of fairy tales

Jim Garrison said that Oswald should be known as a hero. He was a

self educated genius who just wanted to use his talents to help out his country.

This book will help you to understand how the secret government perverts the truth,

and it will help you to understand that "they" ingeniously present a very convincing fairy tail.

It's the way "they" pervert the truth that is important and to grasp that, you have to read the book.


Daniel T. Davis

Casper, WY  USA

January 1, 2011



The secrets of Lee Harvey Oswald

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fascinating story of a young woman

whose summer job as a lab researcher into the causes of cancer brought

her into contact with some mysterious characters, including Oswald.

I never found any details that indicated she was inventing this amazing tale.

I highly recommend this book.



December 27, 2010



Finally, it's making sense...

The President of the U.S. was publicly murdered shortly after lunch,

and it was all wrapped up before dinner? Even my old grandmother thought

Jack Ruby's demise by cancer was a murder by people who wanted him quiet forever.

So, we finally get to meet the man (LHO) about whom we have heard so much.

I was waiting a long time for someone to come forward and fill in the blanks.

So it has happened. “Thank God” for Judith Vary Baker. Not only does she

have a fascinating story, she has a crucially important story and tells it very, very well.



C. Gavin "sky scanner"

Washington, D.C.

December 12, 2010



Wow!  Couldn't put this book down.  If you read this book and Dr. Mary's Monkey

you'll have answers to a lot of questions about Lee Harvey and all the shenanigans

that these cowards have been up to over the years.


Nicholas Priest

Walla Walla, WA USA

December 4, 2010




Ms. Baker's personal story is nothing short of fascinating.


Ms. Baker is obviously an extraordinary person with great talents and

a prodigious memory.  She might be indelicately described as a pack rat

and saved newspaper articles, letters, pay slips, bank statements, sketches

and other memorabilia that most people would have lost along life's way.

These items prove that the basic outline of her story is true. As for the love story

in "Me & Lee", that is for the reader to decide, but for me it rang true.


I congratulate Ms. Baker and Trine Day for the excellent presentation of "Me & Lee.

The aptly placed photos, biographic side bars, maps and other graphics helped to make

the book come alive. It may take some time for this book to be truly appreciated, but I think

it will be recognized as an important addition to JFK assassination research literature.


In case you couldn't tell already, I highly recommend this book!


Phillip M. Rose

Wellington, New Zealand

November 30, 2010



Amazing, unexpected, new details

Let me say that this book is high recommended for many reasons, including

a very credible, literate, readable, text and the voluminous amount of believable detail.


Phil S. (USA)

November 26, 2010



Incredible Book with meticulous research


Meijer Goldstein

New York, NY

November 23, 2010



To say that Me & Lee is a remarkable book would be an understatement.

It is unique.  I recommend Me & Lee to any open minded reader.


John Delane Williams

Ocean Park, WA

November 11, 2010



A Crucial Piece of Living History

This book is truly a remarkable piece of prose, as it could be properly

described as autobiographical, historical, suspenseful, informative,

and insightful, all at the same time. Never have I read a book that serves

to inform me about so many topics (medical research, political intrigue, local culture)

while simultaneously engaging my heart at such a personal level.

This book is not only worth reading, but also VITAL

to understanding the truth about the Kennedy assassination.



November 10, 2010



Truly a labor of love

It is abundantly clear that "Me and Lee" is the product of a brilliant woman

who wants very much to shine the light of day on the life and death

of a man whom she grew to love very deeply. I found the book

to be fascinating on many levels.... political, medical, historical. But perhaps

the most fascinating aspect of this book is the compelling personal story

of two young people caught up in events which would change history.


Harold R. Decker

November 6, 2010



This is the one book everyone needs to read on Lee H. Oswald.

A major must read for all who want to know what really happened with JFK.

I can not say enough about the information here in, revealed at great risk to the author.


Ron Miller

Athens, Tennessee

November 4, 2010



Riveting First-Person Account of the JFK Assassination,

Me and Lee is an absolutely heart-wrenching story.

This is a truly unique book on the JFK assassination:

It paints a vivid, convincing portrait… It's a highly emotional read.

Judyth Vary Baker also doesn't appear to hold anything back.

She names names where appropriate, and when she's able to.

I especially liked all the photos; and the footnotes…

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Ms. Judyth Vary Baker.


Marsen Sedgwick

New York City

October 30, 2010



Me and Lee is a veritable tour de force!  I congratulate you on a fantastic work

that I know will change the way people the world over will view the assassination.

Your writing could very well be the most important material ever published

in helping the world understand what happened to JFK and to the subversion

of our American democracy - the precious gift of our Founding Fathers.

I'll look forward to seeing that truth unfold through the prism of proper historical perception.


Shepard G. Montgomery

Jackson, Mississippi

October 30, 2010



The last key witness that Oliver Stone mentioned in the film "JFK" (1991)

has finally been found. Her name is Judyth Vary Baker.  There is now

a whole new angle to the story.  What happened is far more impressive

and sinister than anyone could have imagined.   And it is perhaps more important

and worrying than even the assassination of a beloved President.

Behind it all was the development of a biological weapon

capable of killing anyone by injecting virulent cancer cells.

Any such murder would, of course, look like a natural death.

Oliver Stone could finally do a final and less static version of his film.


Roland Michel Tremblay

The People’s Voice .org

Oct. 28, 2010



I found ME & LEE to be well written, extremely enlightening, full of complexity

and overall a fascinating read.  Judyth Baker's story is both inspiring and tragic.

I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a copy of Baker's book to anyone

who is interested in finding the truth about what happened to the 35th President

of the United States and the American Republic thereafter.


Dr. J. P. Hubert

Moral Philosophy of Current Events

October 27, 2010 



A must read for anyone seeking truth

I have investigated this event for over 30 years and am impressed…

Whether you are an experienced assassination buff or just a beginner

and want to start to delve into the mysteries of that fateful day,

then this is the book for you. As an experienced investigator,

I found it gave me greater insight in each of the players involved.


Tom Jeffers

Terre Haute, IN

October 22, 2010



Ten Stars - The truth about Lee H. Oswald has finally been told.

This is an awesome presentation. The assassination of JFK

is just the tip of the iceberg. The real story is one of medical espionage

that was going on then and there that Judyth and Lee were involved with.  

Judyth Baker’s revelations prove, beyond a doubt, that Lee Harvey Oswald

was truly not an assassin and shows Oswald’s human side that is

lacking in other reports.


Joe Hall

October 20, 2010



Poignant, compelling, and convincing

This is a gripping and absolutely compelling story

told with emotional intensity and stunning candor.

Now we know what was happening during the crucial months

that Lee was in New Orleans prior to 22 November 1963.

This book ranks among the very best ever written on the assassination…


James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

Oregon, WI USA

October 20, 2010



The Summer of '63 Ends with the Tears of Autumn,

The nature of Oswald's life in New Orleans in 1963

has remained a mystery until now. The author illuminates

this time with her personal reflections as a young cancer researcher

hired to work on a secret project. Judyth Vary Baker has introduced

many new juicy "facts" into the JFK assassination stew.

The book deals with events of incredible historical impact

but maintains a light-hearted, youthful tone often laced with tour guide detail.

One is left with the feeling that the "usual suspects" are really

only puppets controlled by unknown hands.


W. Green

October 19, 2010



Wow!  Stunning in detail, and gripping in it's narrative,

Me & Lee is a must-have for all who seek Truth in our history!

Exhaustively footnoted and brilliant in it's clarity,

the reader is hard-pressed to challenge it's contents.

It reads as an extremely engaging love story dripping with intrigue,

passion and mystery. It demands your attention, and the reader

is absorbed in its depth!   I LOVED IT!!!!


Jeffri D Smith

October 16, 2010




What is missing in most JFK research beyond the Dealey Plaza

evidence is who is the 'lone assassin' and what was his role?

Judyth puts a real personality to the lead suspect in the case.

The tale in the end is sad because the truth of it hurts.

Judyth wants vindication. She got if from this reader…


Curt Jester

Painted Post, NY

October 14, 2010



Highly recommended.  A powerfully written and fascinating book.

This is the story of a young student living in New Orleans

in the 1960's caught up in a web of deceit, cover ups, and intrigue

and how she meet the alleged assassin of JFK.


Armand Herpe

Miami, FL 

October 10, 2010


I received this book yesterday and have flown through it.

It is tough to put down!! Her time and experience in New Orleans

is so amazing that you'll find your jaw dropping repeatedly…

Never again will you take at face value the media reports force-fed

to us after a national disaster.



October 5, 2010



The story of ME & LEE is for anyone who wants to learn more

about one of the most misunderstood people in our nation's history.


Judyth Vary Baker recalls her relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald

from the time they met in New Orleans in the spring of 1963

until their last phone conversation just two days before events in Dallas


This refreshing, new look at Oswald will challenge preconceptions

It is a story of a flawed man written by a flawed woman…

Their imperfections… make it all the more likely to be true.


October 5, 2010

Dean T. Hartwell

Glendale, CA  USA



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