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In early January 2000, Debra Conway (owner and co-founder of JFK Lancer) volunteered to video-tape Anna Lewis in New Orleans. In the videotape, Anna said that she and her husband David Lewis had socialized frequently with Judy Baker and Lee Oswald in New Orleans in the Summer of 1963, including a visit to The Five Hundred Club, where they met with Carlos Marcello. Anna stressed that she thought Judy and Lee were lovers at that time.  Anna's filmed testimony was witnessed by Anna's daughter Sondra, Dr. Joseph Riehl, Dr. Howard Platzman, historian Martin Shackelford, Judyth Baker, and Debra Conway who asked Anna questions as she filmed her. 
The photo shown about was taken immediately following the Anna Lewis interview. 
Has Debra Conway forgotten that she interviewed Anna Lewis?
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