Dr. Mary's Monkey



Doctor Mary’s Monkey:






How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans



and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald,



the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics.   





by  Edward T. Haslam

Updated 2014 edition. 25 new pages with documents



 from the FBI, CIA, CDC, and NOPD and the crime scene photos.



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The McDuff Interviews: Some final interviews on DMM and MAL, 2019-20



While in Dallas in Nov. 2019, a very nice lady named Janet told me about a man named McDuff who was reading my book, word for word, chapter by chapter, on his YouTube Channel.  I decided to check it out.  I liked what I saw and heard.  We shared some common ground.  And within days, he contacted me through a friend.  Two or three days later we were eating Chinese food in Bradenton, Florida.  I am posting these two interview segments, because they allowed me to address some issues that I did not get a chance to address in other forums.  Thanks to you, John O.





2019   My Final JFK Presentation - Dallas



I gave one last presentation at  the 2019 JFK Conference to pull together the JFK-LHO-JVB aspects of my work.  It had been 26 years since my first public presentation. I think I have done what I can do. Toward the end, I showed the Crime Scene photos from Mary Sherman's Murder publically for the first time.  And told some personal stories that I had kept to myself all these years.  Right when I was finished, Oliver Stone walked in and wanted to speak to Judyth Vary Baker and me.  He spent 2 1/2 hours with us.  What a great way to end such an amazing journey!  I hope you enjoy it!








2016 Oswald Conference - Building LHO's NOLA Timeline




This is an in-depth look at Oswald's Summer of Secrets, featuring a new graphic timeline that is the foundation of the new Oswald paradigm.  Despite the similar sounding name, this is a completely different presentation vs. the 2015 Oswald Conference and gets in subjects current to 2016, like the photo showing Lee Oswald, Chauncey Holt, and a crowd of CIA people with Raphael Cruz (father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R TX).  1 hr. 4 min.








2015 Oswald Conference - Summer of Secrets: Where did all this start?




"Oswald's Summer of Secrets" was the tilte of a proposal for a television special that I made to National Geographic Television in 2012.  They declined, but I liked the title so much that I convinced TrineDay to use it as the name of their 2015 Oswald Conference.  One of my presentations was called MARY, FERRIE, VARY AND LEE and contains ten modules, featuring the history of medical events the lead to that deadly summer, especially the origins of the polio epidemic and the real motive behind the polio vaccines.  1 hr. 17 min.


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Also from the 2015 Oswald Conference...




Chauncey and Lee: Who was Chauncey Holt?, ETH video, 1hr 22min




This is my presentation on Chauncey Holt, an artist, forgerer and professional criminal who was part of Operation Mongoose, the joint CIA-Mafia effore to kill Castro.   He worked for Myer Lansky and later Peter Licavoli of the Detroit Mafia.  Chauncey made the fake Secret Service ID's used in Dealey Plaza on 11.22.63, and was caught in a photographer of Lee Oswald in New Orleans on 8.16.63.  A very interesting man who left his memoire for his daughter to publisher after his death.








2014 Speech on 50th Anniversay of Mary Sherman's Murder




On July 21, 2014 Ed Haslam gave a speech at the Jefferson Parish Public Library outside New Orleans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mary Sherman's murder.  300 people got in; another 200 did not.  Now, everyone can see and hear the presentation.  It includes a discussion of the 25 pages of new material in the 2014 hard cover edition of Dr. Mary's Monkey, that was released on that date.








2012 INFOWARS Nightly News with Darrin McBreen, Dec. 27




Start watching at 33:00 minutes.  This in-depth interview was conducted in the INFOWARS studio by Darrin McBreen. 








2012 Alex Jones in-studio interview on INFOWARS.COM, Mar. 15




Alex flew me to Austin for this live, in-studio interview.  Then, in the middle of the interview, he patched in the late, great Jim Marrs into the show via SKYPE to get his comments on DMM and ME&LEE.  This is your chance to hear what the author of CROSSFIRE had to say about these two books.

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2010 Televised interview, Northshore Talk, Hammond, LA 2010




This in-depth interview was conducted in Hammond, Louisiana following a speech at the University of Southeastern Louisiana.  It is on camera, but does not have many graphics.  It does start at the beginning of the story and builds logically.  It discusses Oswald being seen both in Clinton, LA with Clay Shaw and in nearby Jackson, LA with Judy Vary Baker in late-August 1963.  Both locations are in southeastern Louisiana.  55 min.




2010 Interview by nationally-known radio talk-show host, 2 hrs. 20 min.




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2003 Jim Marrs interviews Ed Haslam




Hear the author discuss the contamination of the polio vaccine and the Medical Manhattan Project that used radiation to mutate monkey viruses in hopes of developing an anti-cancer vaccine.  Hear him describe what is wrong with the official explanation of Dr. Mary Sherman’s murder.  And hear him introduce his new witness, Judyth Vary Baker, who has come forward to explain how she became involved in the underground medical laboratory in David Ferrie’s apartment… and how Lee Harvey Oswald was involved.  This interview was conducted by Jim Marrs, an award-winning journalist and author of the NY Times best-seller CROSSFIRE: The plot that killed Kennedy  58 min.




Dr. Mary's Monkey



Dr. Mary's Monkey is now available as an Audio Book




Tantor Audio is one of America's largest and most productive publishers of audio books.  Their quality is legendary, and the breadth of their catalog is truly impressive.  Hear actor Jim Meskimen read the unabridged text of Dr. Mary's Monkey with insight and polish from start to finish in this 10 hour collection available in several popular formats.  Make your next long car ride or airplane flight a memorable experience.  Or give this new treatment as a gift to that friend who does not have time to read, but who might have time to listen.  And you can listen to samples right now! Just click on the link above or go to Amazon.com.  Also available from Barnes & Noble. Release date: Sep. 17, 2012.






2003 Interview with The Witness - Judyth Vary Baker




DR. MARY’S MONKEY presents a witness to the lab exposed in Haslam's first book MARY, FERRIE & THE MONKEY VIRUS.  Shown here in her laboratory, the young Judyth Vary Baker was trained to handle cancer-causing viruses at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York in 1961.  Judyth was then invited to New Orleans in 1963 by the former President of the American Cancer Society.  There she worked with Lee Harvey Oswald at the Reily Coffee Company. Hear Judyth describe how she and Lee Harvey Oswald worked side-by-side to develop a biological weapon under the supervision of Dr. Mary Sherman and at the direction of Dr. Alton Ochsner, Sr. Click on THE LOVE AFFAIR link below.




To hear a Nov. 2012 interview of Judyth by Lew Rockwell, click here.






ME & LEE: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald




To order ME AND LEE by Judyth Vary Baker, click here.




To see the evidence in Judyth's Document Library, click here..




To watch the censored episode from TMWKK "THE LOVE AFFAIR," click here.




To hear Judyth read a passage from ME AND LEE, click here.








Interview with The Witness to The Witness - Anna Lewis




Anna Lewis knew Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963.  Anna’s husband, David Lewis, worked for the notorious Guy Banister, and she knew David Ferrie well. Hear Anna describe how she and her husband socialized with Judyth and Lee that summer, including an evening at the 500 Club on Bourbon Street where they personally met with Mafia boss Carlos Marcello.  Hear Anna admit that she lied to Jim Garrison when she told him that she did not know Lee Harvey Oswald.  Video.  34 minutes. 









Chauncey and Lee: Who was Chauncey Holt?, ETH video, 1hr 22min




Scoundrel - An important new book by JFK insider Chauncey Holt




Chauncey Holt worked for both Mafia boss Myer Lansky, who ran the casinos in pre-Castro Cuba, and the CIA's Operation Mongoose, where he forged the A.J. Hidell ID for Lee Oswald. On Aug. 16, 1963 Holt emerged from a meeting with Clay Shaw's boss Lloyd Cobb at the ITM in New Orleans, only to be caught on camera with Lee Oswald who was standing out front handing out leaflets.  He also made the fake ID's for the phony Secret Service agents in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963.  He was arrested there as one of the Three Tramps, but soon was released after showing a bogus letter saying that he was working undercover for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  Chauncey talked to Oswald directly in New Orleans and claims that he was framed for JFK's murder.




SPOOKS - The video about Chauncey is available for purchase.  Click here.
















The Garrison Investigation




Watch this introduction to Jim Garrison’s investigation into the JFK assassination produced by John Barbour.  Garrison connected Lee Harvey Oswald to international businessman Clay Shaw.  Garrison believed Shaw was setting up Oswald to appear as a convincing assassin and charged Shaw with conspiring to murder President Kennedy.  The jury did not agree, and Shaw was acquitted.  Today, Shaw’s connection to Oswald has been established by eyewitness testimony of a law-enforcement official to U.S. Congress and by others.  Video. Plays-on-demand.  Free.




On the Trail of the Assassins: One Man's Quest to Solve the Murder of President Kennedy



Jim Garrison's book ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS.  This book was the basis of Oliver Stone's JFK movie.




Transcript of Jim Garrison's interview in Playboy magazine, Oct. 1967.  
Neatly sub-divided into 13 titled sub-sections.  Scroll down sidebar to the right to navigate to the section that interestes you the most.  Thanks to our friends in the UK for making this available.








Let Justice Be Done by William Davy - Interview by Dave Emory




Bill Davy is an expert on the New Orleans angle of the JFK assassination and, especially Clay Shaw and Jim Garrison who charged Shaw with conspiracy in the assassination of JFK.  Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon.com page for the book.  Click on the link above to hear a one hour interview of Bill Davy by the legendary Dave Emory.  Davy discusses the events in Clinton and Jackson, Louisiana involving Lee Harvey Oswald.  There are a few minor errors, but overall it is an excellent background piece about CIA, anti-Castro Cubans, Guy Banister, Guy Johnson, Vernon Bundy, Tom Bethel, Ramsey Clark, Walter Sheridan, Gordon Novell, Dean Andrews, Perry Russo, Hugh Aynesworth, James Phelan, Lawrence Shiller, Richard Billings, Aaron Kohn, MCC, Robert Blakey, and more.









Get the real story behind Jim Garrison's JFK Assassination Investigation




There has been a lot of junk published about Jim Garrison and his investigation into the JFK assassination in New Orleans during the 1960's.  Where can you get the real story?  DESTINY BETRAYED by Jim DiEugenio, which was originally published in 1992, has always been the best documented source and was helpful in my own research into DMM... as was Jim DiEugenio himself.  It not only examines Jim Garrison and his case against Clay Shaw, but goes into the politics of how the media, politicians, and bureaucrats conspired to smear his case and discredit him personally.  The news here is that DESTINY BETRAYED has been updated and expanded and is scheduled for release on Nov. 1, 2012 in time for the 50th Anniversary of JFK's death.  No JFK library will be complete without it.  Order yours today!






Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy



Jim Marrs's book CROSSFIRE, also cited in the credits as a basis for Oliver Stone's JFK movie.  No JFK library is complete without a copy of this classic text.












A critique of the Warren Report by a professional historian




Hear Dr. Michael L. Kurtz, Dean of the Graduate School and a Professor of History at Southeastern
Louisiana University in Hammond, and an author of two books on the JFK Assassination present the basics
assassination to a college class in 2007. It's a good introduction to the problems of the Warren Report
for those new to the JFK assassination subject.  Dr. Kurtz remains anti-Garrison, but is pro-conspiracy. 









What's wrong with our understanding of history?  Interview with Fletcher Prouty




Fletcher Prouty worked in the Pentagon as an Air Force Colonel in the 1950's and early 1960's.  His job was to provide hardware (airplanes, weapons, ammunition, etc.) for covert operations of the CIA.  Hear him detail about the previously undisclosed histories of the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba and the road to America's deployment of 2,600,000 military personnel in Viet Nam.  It's a fascinating look "behind the scenes" which makes one wonder how "our democracy" really operates.  Prouty is well-known for his belief that JFK was murdered as the result of a well-crafted plot.  He is the real-life "Mr. X" in Oliver Stone's JFK film.  Recorded August 1993.  55 min. HIs book is JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy.




Prouty's landmark book is JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy with an Introduction by film-maker Oliver Stone and a Foreword by Governor Jesse Ventura.









Interview with Maurice Hilleman, America’s leading vaccine developer



Hear Maurice Hilleman, the Chief of Vaccines at Merck, explain how the massive cross-contamination of monkeys in Merck’s laboratories lead him to import African Green Monkeys loaded with SIV (ancestor virus to HIV/AIDS) into the U.S. for research in his vaccine laboratory.  Then Hilleman details how he personally broke the news to the polio vaccine developer Albert Sabin in 1954 that he had found SV-40, a cancer causing virus, in Sabin’s polio vaccine.  Hilleman is interviewed by Edward Shorter, Professor of the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto and author of The Health Century, the book which triggered that PBS TV series.  The question is: What did they do once they knew?  Was there a “Medical Manhattan Project” to produce a vaccine in time?







Conspicuous Propaganda from March of Dimes for Polio Vaccines in the 1950's



It's funny how age and hind-sight sharpen our focus. Here is a great example of the propaganda thrust upon the American people in the 1950's.  By whom? Why not get your medical advice from an expert, like Lucille Ball?  Oh, I am not picking on Lucy. They used Elvis, too.  I worked in the advertising / public relations industry for most of my career.  I know how it works: Money talks.  But remember, the polio epidemic started in 1943, one year after the introduction of anti-biotics in 1942. So follow the money.  Why not protect the Pharma's profits from anti-biotics by demanding a mandatory polio vaccine. All you need to do is buy-off the press.  Again: Money talks.  They got the profits, and we got the cancer.  Now they sell us chemotherapy for the cancer, at an even greater profit.







Does modern medicine have a cure for cancer?  If not, why not?



Is there any good news here?  Does "modern medicine" have a cure for cancer that does not poison you and burn your body with radiation? This video (Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business) is the most encouraging thing that I have seen concerning modern medicine's cancer treatments.  This man has made a profound discovery which can help millions battle cancer without destroying their bodies in the process.  His discovery also threatens to take billions of dollars away from the established providers of radiation and chemotherapy.  I encourage you to watch this video and to share it with others that might be interested.  It's about two hours long, but is well worth watching the entire video.  You will see that the fox is still guarding the hen house.







Dr. Mary’s Monkey is an extension of an investigation published in 1995 as:



Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus



The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory



 by Edward T. Haslam          

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