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Did Judy and Lee Oswald work together in the Summer of 1963 ?
Yes!  Click here to see her 1963 W2 form from the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans.
Want a printable copy to email to your friends?  Click here to get the PDF of this document.
Are there any witnesses who saw Judy and Lee together in New Orleans?
Yes!  Click here to watch Anna Lewis discuss knowing Judyth and Lee in New Orleans in 1963
Anna Lewis was a waitress and the wife of David Lewis who worked for Guy Banister in 1963.
Lee took Judyth, Anna and David to meet Carlos Marcello at the 500 Club, his downtown headquarters.
To see the JFK researchers that were present during the interview of Anna Lewis, click here.
Where can you watch Judyth's censored History Channel episode?
To watch Nigel Turner's documentary on Judyth Vary Baker entitled "The Love Affair," click on the links below.
This originally aired in 2003 on The History Channel as part of THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY series.
To watch this video, click here.
Where can you get more information in writing about Judyth Vary Baker?
The book DR. MARY'S MONKEY contains two chapters on Judyth Vary Baker.  Click here for the website.
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What can you do to help get this important story out to the public?
You can donate money.  Your money will be used to help get the real story about Lee Oswald to the public.
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Whiz Kid ?
Was Judy Vary a Whiz Kid that did cancer research while in high school?
Read this 1960 article published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune - click here - and decide for yourself.
Cancer Girl ?
Did Judy Vary really know that much about cancer?  Did she know what the state-of-the-art really was?
Click here to read this 1961 an article written by Judy Vary and published in the Bradenton Herald.
Want a printable copy of the text of this article in a reader friendly format?  Click here.
Was any of her cancer research ever published in a scientific journal?  
Click here to see abstract about Judyth's research on human melanoma cells published 
in the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. (1961) on page 71.
Judy Vary was a freshman in St. Francis college in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the time.
She presented her paper in Terre Haute on Oct. 19, 1961 to the Indiana Academy of Science.
ACS meeting with Nobel Prize Winners ?
Did Judy Vary attend an elite meeting of Science Writers produced by the American Cancer Society?
Click here to read a 1961 article written in her school newspaper about her attending the event.
Did the U.S. Military really care about the research Judy Vary was doing?
Read these documents to ponder what is really outrageous: their interest?  or her claim?  
Was there really nuclear research involving cancer at the UF Nutrition Lab?
Watch these videos and decide for yourself about what was going on at UF.
Click here for More Information
Why haven't we heard about this before?
Oliver Stone's movie JFK was based upon New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's autobiography entitled ON THE TRAIL OF THE ASSASSINS, in which Garrison told of his efforts to track down President Kennedy's real assassins.  Garrison finally concluded that Lee Oswald believed he was penetrating a plot to assassinate the President and described him as "a man who genuinely was probably a hero."
At the end of Feb.1969, during the closing arguments of the trial arising from Jim Garrison's investigation into the JFK Assassination, Assistant District Attorney James Alcock mentioned a witness had reported seeing a woman other than Marina Oswald in a car with Lee Harvey Oswald during the Summer of 1963.
Mr. Edwin Lea McGehee, the barber from Jackson, Louisiana testified that Lee Harvey Oswald came into his barber shop in late August or early September 1963 and that Oswald arrived in an old battered automobile and that "there was a woman sitting on the front seat."
Asst. DA James Alcock concluded his comments by explaining to the jury that the State could not identify the woman, but they knew she was not Marina Oswald.
I wish we could have identified her.

I wish we could have brought her into the courtroom
         and presented her to you. 
The woman was Judyth Vary Baker. 

If Jim Garrison had identified her, would she have lived to testify?

If Jim Garrison had known what you can learn on this website,
his whole trial may have turned out differently.
We can't change what happened to Jim Garrison's case back in the 1960s,
but we can change what people know today.  You can help!
Help Judyth tell the world what Lee Harvey Oswald told her about the JFK Assassination.
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